Resources for help with bullying


Formal advice to identify and address bullying can be found here: or here:

A great resource for looking at how bullying may be affecting other aspects of your life and how to find help:

If you need help dealing with the emotional impacts of bullying, or would like to discuss how to manage your situation with a trained counsellor, this source will help you find someone local: Or you can search for an online counselling service.

A handy overview of myths and stereotypes of bullying, including the ubiquitous “bullying is just strong management”:


A very helpful resource about bullying and substance abuse – this website is research-based and provides helpful advice:

Describes three workplace cultures and how each can contribute to bullying:

A comprehensive overview of emotional abuse in the workplace, featuring a
and a list of resources and tips and a link to purchase a PDF of the book Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace :

An online discussion group for bullying victims, including tips and resources:

A guide to ethics in the American education system, including several useful links on bullying and harassment:

The number one online resource for free information about workplace rights and advice on legal representation:

The Workplace Bullying Institute website provides a wealth of resources to help targets understand why they were targeted and to take appropriate, strategic action to stop the bullying. The site offers links to podcasts, webinars, and a range of print resources:


There are some great resources here:

A quick guide for identifying common bullying behaviours:

An overview of national anti-bullying laws and state or territory health and safety bodies that can help people with bullying and harassment in the workplace:

A useful site for distinguishing between what is and what is not bullying and for identifying different types of bullying behaviours, including scenarios:

This section of the site features a range of useful downloadable guides:

This section of the site features a range of useful downloadable guides:


If you’re being bullied now, and need advice, there are resources here:

Another useful source can be found here:

If you need to speak to a trained counsellor, we would encourage you to find someone local. There are lists of counsellors by region here: or here: If you are unable to visit a counsellor in person, online counsellors are also available.


A great online resource is available here:

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