Support staff and administrators: women and bullying in higher education

Our research on bullying and trauma of women in higher education is not just focused on academic staff. Women in support or administrative positions can be just as vulnerable to bullying. In fact, given the power differentials and the very close working relationships some support staff have with academics, it’s possible that women in support positions may be MORE vulnerable to bullying.

If you’re a woman in a support or administrative role in an institution of higher education, and you are experiencing (or have experienced) bullying or trauma in the workplace, please consider being part of our research. We want your story to be heard. We’re looking for contributions by any support staff, including:

  • administrators, secretaries and PAs
  • librarians and library staff
  • learning support advisors and writing center tutors
  • student services staff or student advisors
  • lab assistants or technicians
  • IT support staff
  • Building/resources or timetable managers/staff

Ways you can contribute:

Be assured that anything you share with us will be completely anonymous. Whether you write a story yourself or are interviewed by us, we will work with you to ensure that your contribution is not identifiable, and we will not publish anything without your full consent. We know it takes courage to tell us your story, and we consider protecting our contributors to be of vital importance.


Write your story: Date for Expressions of Interest (a proposal to write your story): November 30 2019. Date of submission: June 30 2020.

Request an interview: Final date to request an interview December 31 2019.

If you would like to discuss your possible contribution or have questions about our research, please contact us through the website or through our Facebook page.

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